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Pomost sygnałowy ciężki
1:25 » Other railway infrastructure

Heavy signal gantry

Signal gantry of the unified type designed for setting up to four mechanical signals, utilized by German railways, also present on Polish railways.

Nastawnica mechaniczna: dźwignia zwrotnicowa
1:5 » 3D print

Mechanical interlocking: points lever

Model for 3D printing of a standardized points lever utilized in mechanical interlocking of type Einheit, commonly found on German and Polish railways. The model can be assembled as fully functional, including the emergency decoupling mechanism.

Wskaźniki kolejowe DRG/DR, ep. IIc
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Railway signals and indicators, DRG/DR, epoch IIc

Signals and indicators of German Railways (Deutsche Reichsbahn-Gesellschaft, later Deutsche Reichsbahn) valid from 1935 till 1945, also utilized on occupied territories during World War II.

1:25 » Other railway infrastructure


Standardized derailer utilized by Polish and German railways. The model contains parts for building the device in different variants: right or left derailer, derailer operated manually or via rod or wire transmission, single or coupled derailers. Model contains parts to assemble the derailer signal lantern.

Wskaźnik oczekiwania
1:25 » Railway signs

Waiting signal

Waiting signal utilized by German and Austrian railways also temporary in Poland during World War II. The model contains parts for building the signal in different variants.

Tarcza ostrzegawcza kształtowa wisząca
1:25 » Mechanical signals

Mechanical distant signal for signal gantries

Two-aspect mechanical distant signal with special construction to be mounted on signal gantries and signal bridges as used by German and Polish railways. The model allows for construction variant typical for Polish State Railways after 1959 (single signal shutter). The model contains additional parts to recreate the signal drive and manual on how to mount the signal on a light gantry.

Pomost sygnałowy lekki
1:25 | Other railway infrastructure

Light signal gantry

Signal gantry of a lightweight construction for placement of a single mechanical signal (semaphore or distant signal), used by German Railways and found on some Polish rail lines. The model allows for placement of the access stairs from both sides of the gantry.

Tarcza ostrzegawcza kształtowa
1:25 » Mechanical signals

Mechanical distant signal

A standard mechanical distand signal utilized by Polish and German railways. Several construction variants possible: two or three-aspect signal (with two different contruction variants of the mirror chamber), signal on small or high post signal with mechanical or electric drive additional equipment: signal couplings, levers for coupling with main signal equipment for signals used by (…)

Tarcza ostrzegawcza świetlna DRG
1:25 » Light signals

Light distant signal by the DRG

Light distant signal by the DRG as used between 1931 and 1933 on the second test section of Silesia Mountain Railway (Waldenburg – Königszelt line, currently Wałbrzych – Jaworzyna Śląska). Used as a transitional solution by Polish State Railways till mid-1980’s. Additionally, the model contains indicator K3o and K3z (indicator of two and three aspect (…)

Tablice i słupki hektometrowe
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Distance plates and posts

Plates and posts with railway distance measurement as used on Polish and German railways. The script allows creating all signs for the range of distances from 0,0 km to 999,9 km. Additionally, an offset (distance correction) value can be displayed on plates.

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