The PKP Repository, if redacted on my own, would be very poor in content, but thanks to the priceless help of fellow railway fans and modellers, I cannot complaint about lack of material for new models, galleries and articles. I would especially like to thank to:

  • Jarosław Filipek, for complete blueprints of mechanical semaphores and railway crossing barriers,
  • Marcin Kowalski, for complete blueprints of wire shafts of mechanical signalling,
  • Paweł Nogalski, for sharing with his vast collection of mechanical signals photographs and for popularising the Repository on the Kartonwork and Konradus forums,
  • Rüdiger Willnat, for help with translation of German version of the Repository,

and all those, whom I do not remember or do not know from their real name and who supported me with pieces of advice and new ideas.

If you also would like to help or cooperate, contact me.

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