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Railway signs

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Waiting signal

Waiting signal utilized by German and Austrian railways also temporary in Poland during World War II. The model contains parts for building the signal in different variants.

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Distance plates and posts

Plates and posts with railway distance measurement as used on Polish and German railways. The script allows creating all signs for the range of distances from 0,0 km to 999,9 km. Additionally, an offset (distance correction) value can be displayed on plates.

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Railway signs of Polish Railways

Contemporary railway fixed signals and indicators utilized by Polish Railways. Signal DO and D1 (stop shield); signal D6 (temporary speed restriction) with indications of 30, 40, 50, 60 and 70 kmph or blank (for 20kmph); three sizes: 900mm wide upward or downward or reduced 500mm wide; signal D9 (speed restriction end for narrow gauge railways); (…)

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