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Mechanical signals

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Mechanical distant signal

A standard mechanical distand signal utilized by Polish and German railways. Several construction variants possible: two or three-aspect signal (with two different contruction variants of the mirror chamber), signal on small or high post signal with mechanical or electric drive additional equipment: signal couplings, levers for coupling with main signal equipment for signals used by (…)

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Semaphore signal

Standard mechanical semaphore signal on lattice mast as used on Polish and German railways. Several different construction variants: single arm (start-stop) or two arm (strat-stop-slow) signal, three heights of mast (8, 10 and 12 meters), three different models of drive: wire end drive, wire intermediate drive, electric drive. models of additional equipment: signal couplings, signal contacts, (…)

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Fixed distant signal

Fixed distant signal, specific to Polish State Railways. Model includes indicator W1 (distant signal indicator).

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Hump shunting signal

Standard mechanical shunting signal on narrow post for marshalling hump yard.

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