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Heavy signal gantry

Heavy signal gantry (1:25)

Color model | scale 1:25 | epoch from IIc

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Heavy signal gantry (1:25)

Black and white model | scale 1:25 | epoch from IIc

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Signal gantry of the unified type designed for setting up to four mechanical signals, utilized by German railways, also present on Polish railways.

Model allows building different variants of the gantry:

  • four different widths of the gantry’s platform,
  • gantry placed on the right or left side of the line,
  • steps placed in front or behind the gantry.

Pomost sygnałowy ciężki


This model contains parts to build the gantry only. Models of the signals for the gantry will be published separately.

Based on:

  • Photos and measurements of a signal gantry in Skwierzyna, Poland.

  • Erläuterungen zu den Einheitszeichnungen für Stellwerksteile (STELL ERL), Deutsche Reichsbahn, F. Ullmann GmbH, Zwickau 1941 (collection by A. Zieliński);
  • Einheitszeichnungen für Stellwerksteile, oprac. VES, Reichsbahn – Zentralamt, Berlin 1935 – 1943 (collection by P. Mierosławski);
  • Carstens, S.: Signale, vol. 2, Verlagsgruppe Bahn GmbH – MIBA-Verlag, Nürnberg 2009.

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