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Author – the author or authors of a downloadable document mentioned by name and surname in this document’s footer.

Downloadable (document) – models, studies, blueprints and other documents published on the Repository as available to be downloaded.

Materials – the content of articles and posts, drawings, photographs published on Repository’s website, not marked as downloadable.

Repository – the website of PKP Repository published under domain http://pkprepo.net.

(End) User – the reader of Repository or the person who acquires downloadable document from Repository.

Repository’s Author/Operator – a person responsible for administration and redaction of Repository’s website

End user license agreement

  1. Downloadable documents available in Repository are published under the following license:
  2. According to this license the Author gives his assent to:
    1. download the document by the User from repository via links univocally marked as directing to downloadable resource,
    2. print the Document by the User for personal use,
    3. build the model from printed Document or according to blueprints published in the Document,
    4. publish the Document on other websites, under the condition of keeping the license terms and providing the information about genuine localization (link to the original localization in Repository) and authorship.
  3. Following actions will be considered as infringement of license terms:
    1. to distribute the Document under different file name,
    2. to distribute the Document in a different form than acquired from Repository (ex. different file format, printout, printscreen),
    3. to distribute the Document for a payment,
    4. to distribute the Document under different license terms,
    5. to distribute parts of the Document,
    6. to distribute the Document with alterations not acknowledged by the Author,
    7. to distribute the Document with altered or removed information about authorship,
    8. to mass-produce models based on the Documents or build such models to order for payment,
    9. to use parts or whole Documents in other studies or publications.
  4. User may request the Author to issue a written permission for repeal of the particular restriction of the license.
  5. License terms do not pass on the models build from the Documents, with the exception of point 3.h.
  6. In case of the infringement of license terms, Author may demand from the User to stop Distributing the document. Under such circumstances, Author may demand the help or action of administrator of the website, where the Document was published, the publisher of the publication where part or whole Document was included or the national legal authorities. Under such circumstances Author may request legal actions to be taken against the User and is eligible for financial compensation.
  7. The User agrees to comply with this license terms at the point of downloading the document to own carrier.
  8. Author agrees to the terms of this license at the point of publishing the link to his Document in the Repository.

Repository website contents copyrights

  1. Contents of Repository, including drawings, photographs and the general website’s layout are the object of copyright and may be copied and reused only under the written permission of the Repository’s Author or the original creators of the content.
  2. Materials published in Repository, not originated by the Repository’s Author, are published under the written permission of the original creators, while keeping and publishing the authorship and other information required by them.
  3. If it was not possible to determine the authorship of the Material, Repository’s Author provides the source of the Material (bibliography or website address). Author asks all those who may recognize such materials as theirs to contact him in order to establish the further conditions of material’s publishing in Repository.
  4. Company logos and other trademarks used in Documents and website contents are utilized under the owner’s consent.


  1. Author reserves the right to change without notification the contents of the Document or to remove the Document from Repository completely .
  2. Repository’s Author reserves the right to modify or delete the contents, Materials and Documents present in Repository.
  3. Author is not responsible for the compliance of Documents with current legal acts or blueprints, which are the basis of the Document contents.
  4. Author does not guarantee that Documents are up-to-date with current regulations and legal acts.
  5. Under no circumstances can the Documents or Repository’s contents be used as legal or normative acts, signs templates, blueprints of railway safety devices or other railway, road or technical equipment.
  6. Documents and contents of Repository are not the official interpretation of traffic and signaling regulations of Polish State Railways (Polskie Koleje Państwowe).
  7. Repository is not connected to and does not represent the interest of the companies from Polish State Railways group or any other railway company. Any opinion present in Repository’s contents is personal opinion of the Repository’s Author.

Cookie policy

  1. Repository collects automatically only data contained in cookie files.
  2. Cookies are text files stored on User’s device. They are designated for facilitating the usage of the Repository’s website. They contain primarily its originating website’s name, its unique ID and its validity duration.
  3. The Repository’s Operator is responsible for placing cookies on user’s device and have access to cookies contents.
  4. The Repository’s Operator utilizes cookies to:
    1. fit the website’s content to the personal preferences of the User, primarily to save User’s language preferences,
    2. prepare statistics facilitating recognition of user’s preferences and search terms, analysis of this data is anonymous and lets the Operator fit the website’s content and layout to current trends and follow the statistics of website’s popularity.
  5. Repository utilizes two types of cookies – session cookies and persistent cookie. Session cookies are temporary, they are stored until the User leaves the website (by redirecting to another website, logging out or shutting down the browser). Persistent cookies are stored for the time of their validity or until the User removes them manually.
  6. User may at any moment change his browser settings to disallow the creation of cookies or to be informed each time the website requests the creation of cookie. Other available options regarding cookies may be found in browser settings. User should be aware, that most of the browsers allows the usage of cookies by default.
  7. The Repository’s Operator informs that disallowing cookies may restrict some of Repository’s functionality.
  8. Cookies utilized by the website may be shared with website’s partners or advertisers.
  9. Information regarding the available cookies settings in User’s browser can be found in browser’s help file or at the website of browser’s producer.

Based on Polish text of cookie policy available at ciasteczka.org.pl.

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