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Other railway infrastructure

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Heavy signal gantry

Signal gantry of the unified type designed for setting up to four mechanical signals, utilized by German railways, also present on Polish railways.

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Standardized derailer utilized by Polish and German railways. The model contains parts for building the device in different variants: right or left derailer, derailer operated manually or via rod or wire transmission, single or coupled derailers. Model contains parts to assemble the derailer signal lantern.

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Light signal gantry

Signal gantry of a lightweight construction for placement of a single mechanical signal (semaphore or distant signal), used by German Railways and found on some Polish rail lines. The model allows for placement of the access stairs from both sides of the gantry.

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Bell signal

Railway bell signal (type Mantelbude) as manufactured by Siemens & Halske.

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Mechanical boom barrier

Standarized mechanical boom barrier for level crossings, as used in Poland and Germany. Many possible construction variants included: 12 different boom lengths (from 2m to 13m), 3 different constructions of barrier’s base (depending on boom’s length), additional equipment: warning bell, safety net, boom support (fixed or hinged for double barrier), signal contact, wire transmission return (…)

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