Nastawnica mechaniczna: dźwignia zwrotnicowa
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Mechanical interlocking: points lever

Points lever (1:5), parts

Model for 3D printing | scale 1:5 | epoch from IIc

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Points lever (1:5), assembly manual

Assembling manual

Added on 19 January 2023, last modified on 16 February 2023 | Downloaded 20 times

Model for 3D printing of a standardized points lever utilized in mechanical interlocking of type Einheit, commonly found on German and Polish railways. The model can be assembled as fully functional, including the emergency decoupling mechanism.

Parts are optimized for 3D printing in FFF technique (fused PLA or PETG filament). Selected parts may require printing with additional supports.

Nastawnica mechaniczna: dźwignia zwrotnicowa

Based on:

  • Album rysunków konstrukcyjnych urządzeń zabezpieczenia ruchu pociągów, tom 2, Wydawnictwo Komunikacyjne, Warsaw 1961. Scans of the blueprints available at (last access: 19th January 2023);
  • Mikulski, A.: Mechaniczne urządzenia zabezpieczenia ruchu kolejowego, WKŁ, Warsaw 1965;
  • Mikulski, A.: Mechaniczne urządzenia zabezpieczenia ruchu kolejowego, 4th edition, WKŁ, Warsaw 1979;
  • photos and measurements of interlocking from the collection of Polish Association of Railway Enthusiasts.

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