Semafor kształtowy karzełkowy
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Dwarf semaphore signal

Dwarf semaphore signal (1:25)

Color model | scale 1:25 | epoch from IIb

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Dwarf semaphore signal (1:25)

Black and white model | scale 1:25 | epoch from IIb

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Dwarf semaphore signal of standardised form utilized by German and Polish railways. Different build variants are included:

  • single (danger/proceed) or double (danger/proceed/slow) arm signal,
  • ground or gantry-mounted mast,
  • signal arms in reversed colouring scheme and in shortened form (three different lengths)
  • different drive casings:
    • wire transmission end drive,
    • wire transmission intermediary drive (for ground-mounted signals only),
    • electric drive,
  • additional equipment:
    • signal couplings
    • signal contacts
    • return boxes for wire transmission (for ground-mounted signals only),
    • additional parts for wire transmission mounted on signal gantry.

Semafor kształtowy karzełkowy

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