Rogatka mechaniczna, Skierniewice

Model of boom barrier is ready

Mechanical boom barrier, Skierniewice

At last! Barrier is ready. I’ve just published a new model, that I hope will suit not only a railway modelers but also those dealing with road vehicles. After all, there is an opportunity for a couple of nice dioramas joining those two vehicle domains. Honestly, this model was really exhausting to prepare – it took a lot of effort to squeeze in one document all possible construction variants. I won’t be counting, how many possible combinations of equipment is there. Enough to say, that you can assembly a barrier with any possible boom length – starting from tiny 2-meters-long barrier for sidewalks, up to 13-meters-long monster (model is close to 60 cm in length!).

Currently, the model is available in 1:25 scale, but smaller are also in preparation (definitely there will be 1:35 and 1:45). Before that, I will publish the missing angle guides for wire transmission, which will be required in great number together with the barrier. Nevertheless, if you really need smaller model fast, do not hesitate to contact me.

As always, I wish you happy assembling…

… and safe crossing:

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