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Urządzenie dzwonowe
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Bell signal

Railway bell signal (type Mantelbude) as manufactured by Siemens & Halske.

Traffic signs used in Germany and temporarily in some parts of Poland (Silesia) from 1909 till 1934.

Rogatki mechaniczne
1:25 » Other railway infrastructure

Mechanical boom barrier

Standarized mechanical boom barrier for level crossings, as used in Poland and Germany. Many possible construction variants included: 12 different boom lengths (from 2m to 13m), 3 different constructions of barrier’s base (depending on boom’s length), additional equipment: warning bell, safety net, boom support (fixed or hinged for double barrier), signal contact, wire transmission return (…)

Schron przeciwodłamkowy
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Anti-shrapnel shelter

Standarized concrete anti-shrapnel shelter (Splitterschutzzelle) for railway areas (single entry, flat roof). Model allows building the interior and opened entry cover in 1:25 and 1:35 scale.

Semafor kształtowy na słupie kratownicowym
1:25 » Mechanical signals

Semaphore signal

Standard mechanical semaphore signal on lattice mast as used on Polish and German railways. Several different construction variants: single arm (start-stop) or two arm (strat-stop-slow) signal, three heights of mast (8, 10 and 12 meters), three different models of drive: wire end drive, wire intermediate drive, electric drive. models of additional equipment: signal couplings, signal contacts, (…)

Stała tarcza ostrzegawcza kształtowa
1:25 » Mechanical signals

Fixed distant signal

Fixed distant signal, specific to Polish State Railways. Model includes indicator W1 (distant signal indicator).

Tarcza rozrządowa kształtowa
1:25 » Mechanical signals

Hump shunting signal

Standard mechanical shunting signal on narrow post for marshalling hump yard.

Tablice i naklejki ostrzegawcze
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Markings of dangerous goods

Markings of dangerous goods: plates/stickers with type of danger: explosive (class 1, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6 ), flamable gas (class 2.1, two color variants), presurized gas (class 2.2, two color variants), poisonous gas (class 2.3), flamable liquid (class 3), flamable solid (class 4.1), pyrophoric substance (class 4.2), substance discharging flamable gas in contact with water (class  4.3), oxidizer (class 5.1), organic peroxide (class 5.3, two color variants), poisonous substances (class 6.1), infectious substance (class 6.2), radioactive substance (class (…)

Paleta EPAL
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EUR-pallet (Euro-palett, EPAL-pallet) 1200x800mm. Varaints with markings of different railways: PKP (Poland, 2 variants), DB (germany) and ČD (Czech Republic).

Tarcza ostrzegawcza przejazdowa PKP
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Level crossing warning signal of Polish Railways

Level crossing warning signal employed on Polish Railways. Several different assembling variants (left or right side signal, two different types of light cowls, background shields and inspection cowls).

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